34420A Micro-Ohm Meter, 7 ½ Digit

7.5 位數 34420A 微歐姆錶,可協助您進行靈敏的低位準量測
  • 100 pV 和 100 nΩ 的高靈敏度 DCV 和電阻量測
  • 使用 SPRT 探棒執行溫度量測,支援 0.003℃ 準確度
  • 內建低雜訊 2 通道掃描器現在您的儀器具有 BenchVue 軟體授權(BV0001B)
  • 現在您的儀器具有 BenchVue 軟體授權(BV0001B)


The 34420A 7.5-digit multimeter combines low-noise, nano-Volt input circuits with a high-stability current source for precise low-level resistance measurements. This reduces the cost and complexity of using an external current source. It includes three resistance modes:

  • standard
  • low-power
  • voltage-limited for dry-circuit testing

Offset compensation minimizes thermal electromotive forces (EMFs) and associated errors.